Uses of Purple Positive Energy Plates

With a Tesla Purple Plate, You wouldn’t have to rush to HOSPITAL for a sudden MigraineBack Pain, Sprain burn, SpondylitisFibromyalgia, Headache,Stomach ache, Toothache, Stress etc. Tesla Purple Energy Plate help in all mental problems and cures Insomnia from day one. It is a natural pain management system which provides relief within 20 minutes in any kind of pain related emergency. Simply place the plate on the painful area for 20 minutes. No body contact is necessary. It is based on the scientific principles of Light, Colors, Sounds and Vibrations. Aluminum plates are treated with different colors and are exposed to high frequency sounds plus a few other procedures to create a Life Force Energy field which is capable to program the irregular vibratory frequency of our body.

Purple Plates are designed for life-long use on Humans, Animals and Plants
Tesla Purple Plates are Hand Made and 100% Natural

Briefly Purple plates helps in:
  • Food and Liquid Energizer.
  • Guards against EMR from cell phones, laptops, etc.
  • Controls nausea and vomiting in Pregnant Mothers.
  • Energies Crystals
  • Natural Pain Reliever and Body Energizer.


  • For all pain related emergencies like Migraine, Back Pain, Spondylitis, Injury, Trauma etc. apply Purple Plate on the painful area for 20 minutes. Body contact is not necessary.
  • For Insomnia, simply keep the plate beneath the pillow. This also helps people who have an irregular sleeping pattern, especially those working in night shifts and thus sleep during the day.
  • Place a large purple plate plate beneath your computer monitor to counter the effects of EMR.
  • Keep the small Purple Plate in pocket next to your mobile phone.
  • For Energy Healing and Meditation enhancement, keep the plates below the mat.
  • Keep a couple of Purple Plates in your Guest and Rest room to counter the heterogeneous vibrations of various visitors.
  • Water your kitchen garden by the energized water.
  • Use the purple plates on any injury on any living thing.
  • Use the large purple plates in their refrigerators to enhance flavor and freshness
  • Energize water my placing a glass of water on a small purple plate for 5 minutes.