How do Purple Plates work ?

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is high frequency radiation that is commonly used in communication technology. It is emitted by cordless phones, mobile phones, phone towers/antennas, TV, FM and AM broadcast antennas, WIFI networks, microwave ovens, televisions and computers and many other sources. Electromagnetic emissions have been found to interfere with scientific and medical equipment and with the human body. The potential of this interference to affect human health is a much-debated and highly relevant topic at present. Because EMR surrounds us at home, work and in the environment, thus it is an issue affecting every household, business, local government etc.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are low frequency signals most commonly associated with the use of electricity. Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are created whenever electric currents flow through conducting materials. The intensity and area of influence (of EMF) depends on the strength of the current and the conducting material. EMFs consist of an electric and a magnetic field and these fields are emitted by all power-line-wirings, electrical appliances and equipment’s, televisions, computers, microwave ovens.

Earth generates its own geomagnetic field which is disrupted or influenced by solar flares which cause magnetic storms within the earth’s magnetic/ion fields.  Earth’s field ranges from 1-30 hertz (Hz) with its greatest field strength between 7 to 10 Hz, which is the normal frequency of the human brain.  Our head generates our own magnetic field which might extend several feet. The magnitude and configuration of our magnetic field is directly influenced by Cerebral Activity Human Electromagnetic Fields or “Aura” has been photographed by a technique called “Kirlian Photography”.

So how do Tesla Purple Plates Help?

Purple Plates chemical composition is the same as that of rubies and sapphires, which also consist of Aluminum Oxide. We know that rubies give energy and thus were called “Life-Stones” in the Middle-Ages. A combination of two large Purple Plates (21 x 21 cm), is said to create a strong Tachyon field. Tachyons are defined as faster-than-light energy particles without mass. Tesla plates also called Tuned-Aluminum Plates are transceivers which amplify earth’s EMF to match yours. The violet color of the Purple Plate represents the 7th Ray and the violet flame of St. Germain in the twilight hours before the Dawn of a New Age. Man is rising to higher frequencies of energy and surely there is hardly any place in the world that is not affected by man-made EMFs. A greater love is on the rise. May the positive energy of the Universe bless you and your life – use your energy well.

How do Purple Plates work ?